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Owner & DIRECTOR •

Juno ONG

As the Hair Stylist Director at Mirror On Wall Salon, Juno epitomizes the pinnacle of precision and mastery in hair cutting. A consummate professional, he boasts unparalleled expertise in both razor-cutting and scissor techniques, and has been instrumental in crafting the salon’s renowned organic method of free-hand haircutting, recognized worldwide. Juno’s unwavering dedication to perfection ensures that each client receives a bespoke experience tailored to their unique preferences and aesthetic, setting an industry standard for innovation and craftsmanship.

technique :
  • Creative Color
  • Cut
  • Transformation
Story :

Juno’s story was one of simplicity and ease. For in his hands, hair became a thing of effortless beauty, requiring no daily rituals or arduous maintenance. Each strand seemed to dance in harmony with the wind, cascading around his clients like shimmering ribbons of moonlight.


Shellin Lee

As a young girl, Shellin was captivated by the intricate hair designs of talented artists. Her passion for hairstyling blossomed, leading her to fulfill her dream of becoming a professional stylist at the age of 17.

  • Creative Color
  • Layer Cut
  • Perming

Shellin is the youthful visionary of hairstyling in her vibrant salon. With her distinct personal style, a fusion of eclectic trends and bold experimentation, she stood out amidst the sea of conformity. What set her apart was her passion for customization, turning each client’s hair into a unique work of art tailored to their personality and desires. But it wasn’t just about aesthetics for Shellin; she found joy in the transformative power of her craft, particularly in making her clients look and feel younger. Through her expert hands and innovative techniques, she breathed new life into every strand of hair, leaving her clients glowing with newfound confidence and youthfulness.

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