Creating Our STYLE.

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the notion
of Ecstasy

Mirror On Wall symbolises a new milestone towards the hair salon and styling industry. Customising each and every client’s experience from portfolio creation to concept cutting. We strive to stand out from the rest in developing the best cutting expression for our customers.

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thinking outside
the box is our motto

Our team of hair directors/stylists and perm specialists have carefully curated a list of design and concepts such as K-STAR, J-STYLE, Celeb-Induced haircuts that suits best for different occasions.

1. Concept IDEATION

Analysing and getting to know more about the geometry outline of each customer’s head cutting.

2. Curate solutions

Identifying key haircuts together with customer’s preference to create the best fusion between customer’s desire as well as feasibility.

3 . vision creation

This is where wonders come into live! Just relax & enjoy the results of our experts.

“Your hair Should Tell The Story Of Who You Are And portray An Eccentric style Of your very identity”