RepitU Renewus CMC Shampoo 1500ml


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RepitU Renewus CMC Shampoo

About this item

  • DEEP CLEANSING SHAMPOO: Natural Cleansing Shampoo helps maintain fresh hair for a longer time and controls oil buildup in the scalp.
  • RESTORING HAIR TREATMENT: Natural Cleansing Treatment helps protect damaged hair by restoring nutrition and improving soft texture.
  • KERATIN FORMULA: Formulated with keratin, the shampoo nourishes dry and damaged hair and restores natural shine and smooth texture.
  • BOND STRENGTH & ELASTICITY: Ideal for hair that has been damaged by heat and alkali chemicals, the treatment seals ends to prevent broken ends and strengthens elasticity to reduce hair breakage.
Product Benefits Smoothening,Shine,Restoring,Cleansing,Nourishing
Brand Repit
Hair Type Damaged Hair,Damaged,Dry
Scent Fresh,Natural